10 May 2007

Spanish Bride (don´t be alarmed, its not me)

My friends Isabel & Domingo got married a couple of weeks ago so I thought I´d post a pic of the lovely pair! Stunning! The wedding was beautiful, held in a golf club just outside of Sevilla. It started at 7.30pm, I left at 5am and I was one of the first! The Spanish don´t sleep! They also don´t pay attention to the "don´t mix your drinks rule" Hordourves served on the terrace with glasses of sherry, entrees served with white wine, mains served with red wine, dessert served with champagne, dancing with open bar of your choice of spirits, understandably 4 rums later and its no suprise I lost my phone (found it next day) and I lost my keycard (found it at 6.30am in a very usual place that I swear had nothing to do with me). Rum is a real memory killer let me tell you that. should stick to Vodka, you get a nasty headache but at least you don´t forget where you are!

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Sarita&Pepe said...

You do realize I am going to need to see more pics of this wedding! Sounds lovely! =)