12 April 2007


Here is a typical shot of Feria, glamorous women ride around on horses and the little striped top houses you can see behind are the casetas. Not everyone gets dressed up but it is very common to do so, and so much fun! Ole!

Marcos´s mother made me a flamenco dress for this years Feria !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The dress is pretty much finished except for a few touch ups and I am so excited!!!!!!!!! Its BEWDIFUL!!!! For those who don´t know what the feria is, the word feria means “fair” so its like a town fair. There is one part with your typical rides, money sucking games and fairy floss but you don´t have to go to that part. The other part, which is full of “casetas” little houses. Which actually look like little houses. They are decorated in “feria” style and like a house they are all private. You have to know someone who is a member, (or know someone who knows someone!) of one to enter. Fortunately if you are here a while you will always be invited by workmates, friends etc. Inside, they are set out like a bar, with a dancing area and lots of tables, you can eat & drink The typical drink is manzanilla which is a white sherry, this is pretty hardcore by itself so its usually mixed with lemonade, this mixed is called “rebujito” and served in platic shot type glasses. It seems to be the only time the spanish folk feel in the mood to get wasted so there is lots of drinking and lots of dancing “sevillanas

So I´ve got the dress. I am just going to give you a sneaky peak cause you can´t see it in full until I have the mantoncilla & peineta in place (scarf and hair thing) not to mention the humongous flower that gets propped right on the top of the head. So when I am ready for Feria I will post more pics. I´ve gone classic, with the red colour and spots! Thought it only fair for my first one!

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Sarita&Pepe said...

Your bottom half looks "muy guapa" and I can't wait to see the rest at FERIA! Besotes! =)